Peacebuilding Movie (2018-2019)


Despre proiect

  • The project is implemented by HomoDiversus in cooperation with I.S.G.T. Group and consists in producing a long feature fiction movie that reveals the consequences of the moldo-transnistrian conflict. Additionally the movie reflects the following topics:
  • The gender inequalities in rural area
  • The access to education in rural area
  • Gender and ethnic stereotypes
  • Mono-parental families issues
  • Government accountability and lack of preventive measures
  • The project is implemented with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The views expressed in the movie are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SDC.

Improving access to information on Civil and Political Rights through informal human rights education


About the project:

  • The project intends to increase the access to information on civil and political rights through informal Human Rights education. The innovative aspect of our project:
  • First online training platform in Human Rights designed for Moldova
  • Inclusive approach
  • Reaching public from Transnistria and Găgăuzia


Via this project  the youth will gain basic knowledge in Human Rights and mechanisms of Human Rights protection. The Moldovan society will gain access to information on Human Rights.


  • Elaboration of the E-training platform for Human RIghts education
  • Production of 20 video courses on basics of Human Rights and mechanisms of protection
  • Organization of 10 Human Rights youth meetings (Human Rights CAFÉ).
  • Organization of 6 promo-visits in different regions of Moldova
  • Publication of 50 Human Rights news on the platform.