HomoDiversus - making space for Diversity!

Among the founders and supporters of the association are people with a solid experience in human rights, sociology, media, such as Evgeny Golosceapov (Program Analyst at UNDP), Natalia Ghilascu (journalist with a famous reputation), Veaceslav Balan (national Coordinator OHCHR Office in Moldova), Iulia Marcinski (now working in the ABA ROLI Moldova), Mihaela Ajder (former executive director of the information Center for human rights NGO), Igor Doncila (Terre des hommes) etc.

Our team

Vitalie Popov
Vitalie PopovExecutive Director
He studied law, an activist from an early age, human rights defender for over 3 years. Admirer of independent journalism. Passionate about non-formal education and informational technology. “I believe in freedom, equality and fraternity”.
Elena Kuzmenko
Elena KuzmenkoTranslator - Intern
Student at applied languages faculty. She is punctual, responsible and very energetic .. absolutely always radiates happiness and believes that good will change the world. “I believe that once you know your rights and you can defend them, you will be respected and protected. My favorite quote is by John Davison: An informed person is a strong person”.
Mihaela Ajder
Mihaela AjderCo-founder of the association
Studied journalism, human rights activist for more than 10 years, expert in Diversity and Non-Discrimination.
“I believe in social justice, based on human rights and social inclusion. My personal goal is to contribute to the realization of human rights & social justice of marginalized individuals and groups by means of raising awareness, empowerment and civic activism”.
Victor Porubin
Victor PorubinCo-founder of the association
Computer expert, activist and supporter of human rights for over 10 years.
Interested in the lifestyle of tribes and different civilizations . In his free time, he likes to make hand-made items. “I think it is important to discover different civilizations, in order to get rid of stereotypes.”