About us

HomoDiversus has been active since May 2007 as an initiative group. The founders of HomoDiversus have applied for national level registration that they have been illegally denied. After a year of litigations in two courts, on 19th of January 2010 HomoDiversushas been registered as a national level NGO.

HomoDiversus has 12 founding members, many of them are experienced in working with various communities. The founders of the organisation are Human Rights activists and represent themselves various vulnerable communities members, including women, lgbt, religious, linguistic and other minorities.

Who are we

HomoDiversus Association is a public non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit organization, created by the free will of people associated in order to achieve common goals determined by statute. The Association is promoting in its work civic values and interests, as well as, democracy and rule of law and Human Rights

The most important wealth of humanity is found in our diversity. Diversity is the space of all possibilities. Even if we share different cultural, religious or other values, we all have something in common: the right to be respected and treated with dignity.
The goal of the Association is to contribute to creating a world without discrimination and based on social inclusion, within a framework of human rights and values.

  • To inform the society  about discrimination and  social inclusion;
  • Strengthening and development of target groups;
  • To help improve the lives of the target groups;
  • Training in human rights;
  • To contribute to the reconciliation of social groups;
  • To contribute to the creation of a regulatory framework and policies that promote non-discrimination and social inclusion;
  • To develop civil activism;
  • Other objectives that contribute to the achievement of goals.
  • Our partners